Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today was another Wonderful day. Very very wonderful. Mom was very cheerful today . Making jokes. Me , Bro Fam & Bro Fad went out with her . Kak IFA and Kak Mary joined us to have dinner. But we're not paying yet Bro Fad are paying . Went to picked up Kak IFA first . Then headed to our Makan Place . Which was located at Tampines Mall , Bali Thai . Nice place and very Classic . The table was very nice etc etc . Soon Bro Fam and Bro Fad came after parking the car . We ordered the drinks first followed by the foods . We ate the crackers first. First thing came out of my mind , when Rifdi said that we also need to pay for that. Haaaa . Soon the foods was served . The suck thing was the person at there severed us the rice. -_-" Tak cukop sakkkkkk. Anw , i taste Tom Yam & Green Curry. Nice but not the Tom Yam . Eee ! The Grilled Fish , Squid was nice !!! Marvellous ! Thanks Kak IFA for "peeling" me the fish. And i drank "Dracula Drink" NICE ! Should try it out! We camwhore by taking shoots . (: Today all photos looks nice and nice and nice .......

After eating, as usual Kak IFA said "SAWADIKAP" with the sign to all the staff . We went to Popular to check out books . Then went to Rasa-Rasa Thai to buy Dad's Foods . Blah blah blah . Mom and I went home . While the rest don't know go where. And here i am posting !! Waahhhhh~!