Friday, March 13, 2009


Today was a very woderful wonderful day. Lets start in the morning. Where its warm for me. And im sweating. We had a very boring longggggggggggg talk which dosent make sense. Especially where Mr C told us the class positions. Well , for some , who really cares about the positions we're in right ? Its just wasting time larh. And mostly , we're tired of knowing who's the last and the first. -__- Childish man! Forget bout that. And lets start with lesson. MT was first. Didnt' do anything. Cause its the last day of school. And i'm sure Mdm D also had no mood to teach. So Home Period , we laughed our ass off when i sat beside Yana. Yes , my craziest cousin . We laughed till PE lesson. Where i could'nt ran . Since i got MC. Padahal-Padahal . Sat with Lan , Yas , GF and Yana. Some of those who lazy to run. Act-act sick. HAHAHA! Well , Acul was the first one with Inz . Waahhhh!~~ -__- But after the 2 round. Acit pancit. Tularhamekbendetulagi! And Acit leading. After run was ended , Acit didn't feel exhausted . But instead he was so STEADY . Soon Rifdi came. As i want to show GF something about him , i-saw-some-thing-which-i-should-not-see thing. HAHAHA! So digusted . HAHAHAHA!

Recess. Followed by CPA. Where we could go online. And everybody was like "YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH" . For some , its normal larhhhhhhh. Haaa. Only one period. Then bell rang. So went back to class . And teachers gave back our Report Card. And i'm glad that i achieve my subjects with FLYING AND CRAWLING COLOURS !!!!! Then went back with a smiley face. As its was the last day of school. So went to meet Syaza and Nash at Yishun. And went to EAT FREE SOMEMORE TAW! Haaaaa . We carp at there. Till , we had enough. So leave the place. And headed to RP to chillax at there. And THERE we crap like HELL . SERIOUSLY . Where we make fun of people. Bollywood and Writing fast all inside the joke. So we went to the toilet. Go loloooooooo. Where that "SOMEONE" were so confident telling us that its a children toilet bowl. And! Suddenly kannnnnnnnn , that girl shout like she saw a GHOST. Ran torwards the entrance. Where i hold GF hand as i wanted to see what going on inside. Everyone wants to run. -____- Suddenly she shouted "CCCCIIIICCCCAAAAAKKKKKKK!!!!" Like noone bussiness like that. Wth . I brust out laughing like hell. While , they didn't laughed. Why i laughed ? Cause i saw the whole thing happend . The moment she opended the door and the minuted she shout like orang gila . Went to took bus 903. Still , i was laughing. Went to CWP. Bought pancakes . And went home ! Didn't took any pictures! Grrr!~~