Saturday, March 28, 2009

Taken by : Fam the HERO
It's saturday . Time pass so fast this week . Since we're having fun and not study for a week . Well people , today is Earth Day . And people all over the country suppose to off their lights for an hour. But still when dad look outside the window most of the house lights still on. More brighter he said . Haaaa . So dad decide not to off the lights. Anw , yesterday went out with family . Excluding dad , since his tired after worked. -.- Always . We went Yishun Chong Pang . Jalan-jalan . And i saw these beautiful shirt so vintage and cool to wear . So i bought it ! Wooohooo! And i have top-up my prepaid. ILY mom . After that Bro Fad meet us there with car .

Then we had dinner. Yummms!~ Then we go Shell to pump oil . After that went home sewwt home. Bro Fam being my photographer for the day . Haaaa. Anw , Haikal , Isakandar , Najib and Nina gonna have a outing. Sooo gonna look forward to meet them siaaaa. Its been ages since we went out. -____-" And i miss haikal lame jokes. Tmr maybe. 0.0 Yeahhhhh . Im gonna meet them . And im gonna have a good time. Lalalalala~ Checking out my msn only Rifdi , Linda and Haziq plus me only online. Wahhhhhhh~ these people really save the earth. GEEEE! GOOD-GOOD~