Sunday, March 15, 2009

What i used to called "BabyLove"

And im bored -.-
Tmr GF gonna sleepover my crib till Thursday. And we got Slumber Party. I know its fun. But it would be MORE fun if "THEY" would be there too.

Ouh! I miss them sooo much . We didn't even spend time together like we used to Last Year . And yes , i think GF should miss them too , ryte? Where Tekong and Playground would be our Best Place to Chill. More and more people we get to know. From there we moved to 611 RC . Haaaa.

We went out Town to enjoy. But ended up only 7 people turned up . -_____- But we had fun though. You used to called GF and me up late night and chatted with us . Haaa . Ouh i missed that.

And people , i think you wasting your time reading this post . Could its worthless. Im' talking nonsense. Im' out !