Friday, March 6, 2009

When malay boys in class gets bored.

Aye aye . Today was totally cool i think. Just had fun chatting and watch-ed people fight. During PE lesson. Okayy lets start in the morning. Reading. Was shocked when Mr J told us that 4/6 & 4/7 will be joining together for the class competition. *Kening neak-naek* .And went back to class. English was okayyyy. Want-to-sleep-but-try-to-control mood. Did some writing . Next was PE. And like FINALLY we didnt' run. Did some game and stuff. And suddenly when all gather. Two groups were fighting and shouting from one end to another. One group was the girls. And another was the boys. Well , Mr P calm them down. And told him what happend. Well , all starts when one person not happy with the other person. Dont' want to be more details. So bell rang.

Get changed. Next was Home Period. Acit came and send some song to him . Did Maths Homework which was a little bit difficult for me. Algebra . Ouh damn ! Then after that was Maths. And did a new topic of Eliminating , Subsitute and whatever . Darn it ! More white hair growing soon huh ? So after school , went out with GF to bought some "Air Batu" or "Water Ice" . (: Then went back school . Waited for Mr See like how many hours . -.- Then he did teached some method how to solve maths question. Which i struggled like hell . Then went for CCA . Yada Papaya. Then went dinner with GF . And went straight home sweet home. Im tired. Sleepy and i want to watch American Idol !