Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aye aye aye . Today i had a GREAT laugh. And i mean it. Okay heres how it goes. In the morning. Gathered and sang lalalalal~ Followed by MT in the morning. Where i get to seat infront! Which was behind Rifdi but the best ? Beside Lan ! Wohhooooo!Then Hasif came late. -.- And i thought he didnt' come so i sat at his place. Buat bodoh sua. Mt was sooo not lively today when we did our SA1 paper. Everyone looks so sleepy and tired. :( Then CPA. Which was soooooooo damn boring can ? I don't know what to do next as i had already finish my work . All DONE! Then recess . Which was quite fun. Since Yana joined us when Hana didnt' came. Next up was Maths. Aiyoooo! New topic somemore. Chill larh cher . One by one. But still i could catch up abit . And did my homework ! Wahhhhhh .... -.- Errr , English. Blab blab blab . !

LUNCH! WAS THE BEST ! Alah , when Yana and me meet together. Which mean cousin meet cousin. What next other than making jokes. Hell yeah! It was fnasbfsgbsdbgbfg fun ! Until Qima went to toilet and i vomit. HAHAHA! Disgusting i know. But i make my stomach want to burst sooner or later.Came back from toilet , and my bag Lost! Sooon , i found it at Rifdi table. Where Lan go and hide it. Funny huh ? Next period was EBS. Did our coursework. And i hate this period alot siaaaaaa. But then , i could catch up. Laugh laugh laugh ~~~ Lesson ended. Stayed back awhile to teman GF till her CCA starts. But in the enddddddd ~~~~~ *Skip* Went jln-jln with Syaza and GF. And went home peacefully after meeting Mom and Dad at CWP.