Thursday, April 9, 2009

Muke same tak ?Semoga panjang umur . Awak da tuer. Cepat pegi tunang then Khawin ngn Kak Mary ! Go go! Good luck in you life . Be a good TP MAN ! I love you . Buy me Laptop arrrr ! Go buy your R1 bike , and Subaru Car go ! LOVE YOU.

Firstly , Happy birthday aye ? So , today school was funnnn . Morning assembly was so Fabulouso ! Solihinz , Rifdi , Fairuz and Amat perform veryyyy (insert word here) ! And guess what ? Right from the start , Fairuz was the Handsome one . *jumping up and down* He was the hott-est one larh siaaaaa .I know i know , you guys must say that Rifdi better . He ahhh . Erm , okayy good too . Okayy .. full stop bout that . First lesson was PE . 2.4 running . And i got 20.30s ? I guess . And suddenly (insert name here) went missing . I don't want to write down his name here . Since i don't want people to know . If you know shut up . And because of that , we need to stayed at the Park . Waited for Solihinz to come back since Mr P asked him to search for him . And because of him , Lan get questions by the HOD . And for that , he's in big trouble and making us worried . We know he went where. But just that , we don't want to get involve . The HOD make an announcement about him . Sigh .Well , after recess which was after PE . Went back to have Maths lesson . And we did well . English change seating arrangement . Erm , after school meet MR HOTTIE(S) ! And i was shock to meet them . HAHA ! Went home straight . 7.00pm went out with the whole family. Dinner to celebrate ! We ate at Mackenzie . Where Mom and Dad first date ! HAHAA . I'm fulled. Something embarass happend ! Urgh ! So went home SWEET home .

See? Kak Mary bought for him a new ADDIDAS watch . Action . -__-
Wait till i get Puma touch-screen watch! Blueeek !

Aiyo ! Angah come back fast can ? I can go crazy without your stupid jokes siaaaa !Come back larh giler ! Better buy me clothes at there arrr ! And Dad gonna buy me laptop ! Ouh ouh ! He just called me . And he's going to buy me pants ! LOVE YOU . COME BACK HOME SOOON !