Monday, April 20, 2009

I enjoy my day with these 3 sexiest love-able people .

Today was an okayyy day for me . Laughter not that much . Well , i have been a bad daugther these few weeks , and im' sure my parent would like to kick me out of the house ryte , mom dad ? (: You told me that don't ever look at you when you're dead . Happy ? Its beek a week since i talked to them . And yes , i lost the sense of LOVE from them . I maybe happy at school , but don't try me at home . I can be a bad girl . Anyway , today my two GFs cheer me up . After school , was okayyy . I had a good laughed with Qima and Syaza . Im happy . So we went to MacD to study . Gosh ! 6 days till MYE ? And im' ready. But none of my parent care about this things . They only sleep , eat , go work . Their cycle . At least i have my two beloved brothers to support me . Sape tak sayang adik oi . LOL ! All i need is LOVE and Concern from my two parent , is that really REALLY difficult huh ? Hard ?! Must pay mehhh ? At least i have a good day at school eventhough NOT at home . But well , i MUST did well in my studies . Well , till here now. I have no mood . Tada Readers D: