Monday, April 6, 2009

I got two people that i want to talk about today . And i jussst hope they will read it . But yeah , i just dedicate this to them aye ? ;DDD

Solihinz Bin Zohari

Remember this picture ? Ahhhhh ! Anyway , its been two and a half years , since we're be friends , right ? We' through ups and downs . But yeah , we're still strong to make our friendship more stronger. But when we fight , we will hate each other. Say bad things about each other . But still , you will apologise and i accept your apology . And we are back together as friends. We shared secrets with each others . Tell who our admire is . And joke about horny and critise people on their looks . You tell me about this girl you've waited . Cried for , you was "yearning" for her loved . Like you said , girls always ***** you . One day , you will find . And how i told you about some guys that are hot and you would roll your eyes and will said "Aku lebih handsome larh."And i laughed . You said you will kept promises that you will changed for better and not joining ****** groups . But still , you're still the same . The "new" Solihinz . I and GF miss the old you . You know that . The old Solihinz with a matured attitude , friendly , innocent look and not selfish . Always sit beside us and make us laughed . Burping , and sing together with us . Remember the first time you fart ? I and GF burst out laughing ! Can we hear that sound again ? Find your Juliet soon aye ?*wink-wink*

Nur Iqrima Bte Rosle

Awwwwwwwwww ! We had a great today , rightttt ? So how is he ? Is he this ? Is he that ? Haaahaa ! Aye aye aye .. Today was a very great day for her !!!!!! She may met her Romeo today ! And i'm happy for her . *jumping up and down* She's my best friend about already one year plus ? Heee . I snatched her from someone. *Pointing to that girl and laughing* . After much waiting . At last , she found her Romeo . And i swear i cried in the bus just now . As i was on the phone with her . Why i cried ? Cause i don't want her to suffer after so many of her time wasted for that **** . Anyway , she's a nice littel but loud girl . Haaa! She likes to laughed , burp and fart . Haaaa . Want to see her Romeo photo ? Go go her blog . Go kepo go ! Ermmmm , we didn't fight if i can remember . We will always be happy whenever i make joke , but before that , you always and i mean it ALWAYS make her go toilet . I should buy her the wheelchair made of toilet bowl *superheroes movie* . She's a cheerful girl . She likes to smack me when the joke are wayyyy to funnny . So i would end my writing by say to her Romeo :

Dude if you make her cry or hurt , I swear i'm gonna ..

Smack your face up and down , side to side , anti-clockwise & clockwise !!