Friday, April 17, 2009

I will always watch this video when im bored. Entertaining ! LOL !

Just came back from meeting my brother at Vista point. And im dead tired after 2.4 running. Well, i did my best . And yes , im happy with the result. GF didnt' came to school . Fever . School was okayyyy . At least FAHS entertain me . Erm , Maths was funnnn . New chapter , easy to learn . FAS was funny during PE . Yeahhhhhh , i played badminton . And i played with ? *guess who* . Erm , recess was okayyy . Today Hasif very the dramatic . Then CPA . Did coursework , so far so good . Waiting to print . After school , went out the school with FAHRS but Fairuz went to prayers . Cehhhhhhbahhhhhh ! So left the ASHR . Split up . And went home to changed and bath . Niceee cold water . The Brother send me back to school just on time . And went Sembawang to run . I get 199th place. -________- And its suck cannn ? I saw Radiah infront , she did asked me to run faster . TYTY ! And she even make a joke . Gagaga ! Someone skinny i think . LOL ! Anw , i , Hidayu and Zhen Yi board the same bus . And there's this one guy just now . With only one shoe , why ? Cause the other went up the tree. -______- How siaaa . LOL ! Soon went back to classroom waited for Syaza . Went to MacD to chillax . Very the kecoh-rable i tel you . Well , Adriana and Syaza make my day larhhh horrr. We shared stories , cool stories. LOL ! We gather again sometime aye ? :) Then went to meet Brother at Vista , walked around and went home . Im tired like hell . So bye !

PS : This is another video more clearer i guess . So had fun watching aye ?