Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If you TREAT him nicely,
He says you are IN LOVE with him ,
If you don't,
he says you are too PROUD,

If you DRESS nicely,
he says you are tring to LURE him,
If you don't,
he says you are from a VILLAGE,

If you ARGUE with him,
he says you are STUBBORN,
If you keep QUIET,
he says you have no BRAIN ,

If you are SMARTER than him,
he'll lose FACE,
If hes SMARTER than you,
he is GREAT.

If you don't LOVE him,
he tries to POSSES you,
If you love him,
he will leave you,

If you tell him your PROBLEMS,
he syas you are TROUBLESOME,
If you don't,
he says that you don't trust him,

If you scold him,
you are like a NANNY to him,
If he scolds you,
it is because he CARES for you,

If you BREAK your PROMISE,
you cannot be trusted,
If he BREAKS his,
he is FORCED to do so,

If you SMOKE,
you are a bad girl,

If you do WELL in your exams,
he says it's LUCK,
If he does WELL,
it's BRAINS,

If you HURT him,
you are CRUEL,
If he HURTS you,
you are too SENSETIVE
&& soooo hard to please !!!

If you send this to guys,
they will swear that it's not true,
But if you don't,
they say you are selfish......