Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mereka yang "THE BEST" must add Acul inside.


I'm so jealous you know. XD
So today i went out with my two handsome brothers . Both planned not to take bikes since my first brother had fever . But still , he went out with us . For what ? To applied for STARHUB CABLE ! Erm , i didnt' knew anything though . I just followed . On the way there , i and my second brother go buy my cat food while my first brother go line-up . The queue was fdskfjsdfbg longggggggggggg . Waited and waited . We're next . Talked and talked then use my second brother name . Give the cable and all . Went meet mom and dad at KFC . And off to homey !! Second brother went out with Kak Ifa to celebrate their monthsary . So jealous . Then left me and first brother. He go pluck all the wires . And walah! Can watch already . Cannot wait to watch Suci . LOL ! And ............ . Now my first brother out , go picked Kak Mary form work . Im bored . Today noone asked me out . Tmr maybe i got a date with my two lovelies . But not comfirm . So thats all folks . Bye ! (:

To who ever yang terase :

Come on larh , you so two face . Gigi goal post , Opsss ! Salah gigi gusi empat puluh tingkat . Two face . I hate you siaaaaa ! Bloody hell , motha' fucker , ass hole , bitch ! (: