Friday, April 3, 2009


A very longg post. So hope you open your eye big-big ar !!!

Guess what ?


All we did was , for the first period , MT so we rather talked than listening to teacher . Just did some correction. Followed up by Home Period and PE. But changed of lesson. All we did was watching "HAPPY FEET" !! We sat behind Rifdi , Frank and Lan . We laughed as the movie showed some funny scene. Then , recess . We went into the class room early , since i bought 4 epok-epok ! The canteen was so quiet . Secondary 5 went for Achery*is that how you spell?* Secondary 4 Express student went to Some poly . Left the NA and NT student . Back to class . Hasif opended some music .. and i and GF sang along . Haa . Dead and Gone - T.I and JT !! Next up CPA , teacher was soooooooo late . So we sat again behind those SUPER ACTIVE people . And crank , crack and crab around. Ouh ouh ouh ! I miss those time larh siots ! So damnnnnnnnbffbgfahffhabvh FUNNNNNNN !! Can we do it again sometime , guys ? Pretty PLEASE ! We shared jokes about *ehem-ehem* digged nose and Rifdi showed us some cool "moves" . Haaa .

Then GF shared joke about the toilet thingy . Haaa .Well , i need to changed seat with Frank . So i could teach Joan . Since she need to catch up with what she miss. And Frank gonna sit at my place which is beside GF. NOT FAIR FAIR FAIR !! *kening naek to GF* They will have fun . Especially sitting beside Frank . Aiya ! Banyak punya jealous lorrrrrr . While im gonna sit beside Rifdi which i think im soooo not gonna shared my jokes with him . Girls Stuff . I wonder what if i tell him some jokes of mine. I think he would been sleeping after i share my jokess. HAHAHAHAHAHA! And soon im gonna be Horny like him ! Nahhh .. im a good girl larh . *padahal-padahal* So anw , Mr Ravin came to our class and guess what ???? He let us have PE after recess !!!! What a shockingggggggggg thing. The boys played Soccer as usual . Only some played badminton . Kaki Bangku >.<

Im tired and i watched the boys played . This is my comment larh horr. Tk puas hati diam. Okayyy .. Hasif is good with defending the ball . With his "Eh!Ah!Haa!" sound. Frank god with scoring. Gagagaga ! Erm , Fai like to shout when he play . So bising larh that boy. Amat .. err , indeed i never watched him how he played. HAHAHAHA ! Rifdi , running very funny yet cute larh ehk . Ouh ouh ! Talking about boys , i wonder what happend to Nasrun . He didn't come for 1 week. I miss him larhhhhh !! Come to school on monday tau ! Anw , after School , jalan-jalan with GF. And saw Heidi .. Sombong ehk ! Ehk , seems like the toilet bowl is calling me. Ergh ! ADIOS !

PS: See my post so colourful , I AM HAPPY !