Sunday, April 12, 2009

Moshimoshi .
Aye aye aye . Yesterday just finished watching "Radit dan Jani" . I think most of you have already watched this show on YouTube ? Well , Rifdi introduce me this movie . Indonesian movie . I don't know that guys like him watch Indonesia movie. LOL . Anw , he said its a good movie. So why not give it a try to watch ? So so so , i watched . Can make me cry hor ! Gagaga ! Erm , a hot guy named Radit who could not give happiness to a girl named Jani . But Jani try to stayed with this guys not matter what . They go through ups and down together . Like walao-weyy . But Jani parent don't like Radit since they thought Radit who "spoilt-ed" Jani . And they tried to split the two of them . Will Radit and Jani be together forever ? *nak step suspend jer* Go watch go !

Actually , i don't understand the ending . But Mr Rifdi have explain to me . So yeahhhhh ! I understand already . A touching story you know . Rifdi like the girl while i like the girl hair ! So sexyyy i tell you . LOL ! Okayyy till here then . Daaaaa !