Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last year , lil' birthday party with the 'Kaki Gerek' .
Today was an okayyy day for me . Both malay paper was darn easy . If i fail , i die . MT oral , i think i fail , why ? Cause i use alot of english words . I can talk malay . But im not good with those "Bahasa Baku" . 'Baku' or 'Berku' , i dont know . Anw , paper suppose to finish at 10am. But paper starts late , so finish at 10.30am ? Was happy that at last i could eat my McD breakfast . But freakingly , i got EBS coursework to do . And the whole class need to stayed back till 1.30pm. Wtheck . Meet at 11am outside Computer Lab2 or Computer Lab1 . IDK . -___-"

It was very damn long lesson . Air-condition somemore. And its raining . Cold cold cold . Aiya ! Erm , after lesson and school , i and GF went to library to read books . Many many books . Books about Stupid but funny book and Mind You Manner . Guys and Girls , you guys should read that book . Really teach you how to date a girl and boy in a good many . I learn that if a guy want to asked you out , instead of saying ,"You free this Friday , watch movie with me ?" ...... you should say it this way , "I got 2 tickets movies of Ironman movie , will you mind joining me ?" . But instead you don't have the ticket . LOL ! I love that book .

I wanted to borrow the book , but my card has some overdue book , fine for $7.25 . LOL ! GF card also got fine for $5.15 . Haaaa . Tommorow i should go there again . Saw Syaza and peeps . Alot siaaa . They go study like want to do kenduri at Library . LOL !! About 5-7 people . Serious siaaa . Haaaaaha !! I and GF bought Burger at Pasar Malam . Saw Heidi . I bought doughtnut empire and each a cup drink . I was sooooooooooo hungry that i like want to shop the whole Costorage ,'is that how you spell' . Done everything . Went back home . Soon GF are going to call me and we conference with Solihinz ! Longgggg time never talk otf . So people , Good Luck on you Preliem 1 , All The Best andddd Rockers Never Fail Their Exam ! \m/