Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today was a WONDERFUL day , why ? Cause today somehow the Kaki Gerek spent some time with us . Ow yes . To start the day with temperature taking . Ouh , the weather getting hotter and hotter these few days . And i like and love it . MT was first lesson . Cikgu D dah give birth larh seyyy !! LOL . Mdm Y take over the lesson . She told us that we could visit Cikgu D if only she let us to . Next was CPA . How fun is it ? Im ready to print . And as im printing. JENGJENGJENG ! Some word error that i found. -__- So next week , i will reprint. I know that Mdm J confident with the 3 student who took Web Publishing will make her proud . Next up , recess . The seats are full of leftover food . So GF and i took a table which was clean . So the Kaki Gerek people joined . We had fun . Laughing and looking at each other eating. LOL ! They finish the food fast but not Rifdi. Haaaha .

After recess , its EBS . Went to the same computer lab . So damn cold . We continued our coursework . Mdm S was angry with some people who was like blurr sotong. Don't know what to do and sit there keep quiet . Followed by English , Mdm Sue did some mistake error from our English paper . Most are the boys okayyy . Phweeee ! The error are so funny that make Acit dance. LOL !!!! So funny siaaaa . Erm ,Lunch then Home Period . The Kaki Gerek stayed at the canteen . To do some freakinglyy hear _____ story . Not fair okayyyy ! Only Rifdi stayed in the class . So he standing behind me so suspiciously . So i asked him why didnt' he go joined the rest . He said "Banyak ar story." Something near there. Hahaaa . And GF start a wild and crazy idea about drumboobs. -_-" LOL !! GF made a letter J AND H.

They come back on the second lesson of Home Period .Only Acit and Amat . So we chatted and discuss about the EBS project. And guess what ? This coming Friday , we are going out with all the Kaki Gereks people !! Yeahhhhh ! Okayyy , from what i heard from them , we're going to watch "JANGAN TEGUR" . Sounds scary ? Haaha . Lan said the show freaking scary . So the boys must get ready to hear us rocking inside the cinema. We're going out seyyyy . So anyone one to tag along ? LOL ! But i don't think Acul coming along since he got so many things hanging around him . About yesterday talked with him .

Chill aye ? Someday , she will accept you back. Kimek , sape siak tak nak kau ?
Maybe some . LOL ! So see you in school next week . You tell me already ehk .
Jangan nak tipu . Erm , SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH !!! LOL ! My english is better than
your english . Sigh . GOOD LUCK BUDDY !