Saturday, April 18, 2009

Not Emo btw.

Today i have no plan. Cause nobody asked me out. So i stayed home for one day . Doing nothing but slacking . I rest today after all weeks i studied okayyy . Monday gonna have Science test . And im' sure i can make it after all those revision . I went out with Grandma only go Vista only . To buy her pants and undergarment *is that how you spell* and all sort of stuff . She bought 4 pants that cost her $43.50 and 4 undergarment at a cost of $10 . So rich . I should asked her buy for me new clothes and pants . She also bought Banana and Mangoes . LOL ! So cute larh her . Erm, we went home . But she was too tired so we sat under the void deck . Got wind . Arrrrrrrhhh! So cooling . We talked about all knid of stuff . She will do the talking of course . And i told her that i miss Grandpa . She kept quiet . And she start a new topic about Mak Long and stuff . More than 5 buses passed by . Soon its Mahgrib . We went up home . Watching tvee and hear some songs. Get bored here i am blogging . Lan msg me , and now im not bored. (: Syaza boring tak ? LOL ! So hows your day readers ? ;D