Friday, April 10, 2009


Aye aye . Today veryy the shiok can tak ? I went out with my Cousin Zizi . And i had Funnn ! Well , here it goes . Im online and im bored. I want to go out but dono where . So i pm him , asking if he's free tk ? So he said he went out with his friends . What occasion ? SKATE !! w00ts ! Okay okay . So i followed him . And it was raining heavily here on 4.30pm . So went out at 5.00pm . And msg him is he really want to go . Cause its raining and where the hell they gonna skate . So meet him under his block. Msg hydar if im not wrong . And asked to meet at where . So took bus 913 then buy cat food and went to meet them at Carpark . w00ts! Anw , as soon as i opended the door . JengJengJeng !! Bersepa sak anak-anak . LOL . Hydar was busy train his *i don't know whats the trick call* . Some busy repairing the board , and others smoking . So i sat and watched them skate here and there. Anak terbiar . LOL . So Hydar hungry and he went down to buy some food . Soon we also buy . Haaha !

Then the other clan came . All went quite . From then i meet few new peeps ;

Hydar - ketawe itik
Asul - Cepat marah
Teddy - Kecoh-rable
Haikal - Maut punya badan :-X
Faisal -

Well , soon after they skate . We went to TreeHouse to chillax . Where everybody starts "getting out from there shell" . Anw , then suddenly Teddy wanted to play Ali-Pom . And we had fun . Everybody pespire like hell . After 3 to 4 rounds , everybody gets tired . And went back to pondok and rest . Heres the best part . LOL . We sat suddenly Haikal fell something smoky around him . And he was like "Ah tuh ! Ah tuh ! Tuh ! Nampak tk ? Tuh tuh ! " And we were like "Mane ? Ehk ade ! Dah hilang ! Ehk ade balik ! " Very the kecoh you i tell you . Then what is shocking is what ? Haikal body is smoking . Alot ! And very the WOW ! Like he's smoking . Like (insert word here) . I thought only movie happend . But actually scientific larh . His body was hot and its night and its cold . So it produce smoke , get it ? So we took shots of his body . And he pose like a bosy builder. LOL ! Anw , we crap and crap cause when they're tired . They make joke . Get tired then went quiet . And Teddy would make a bird sound . LOL . Saw some couple like wtf . Some china passby speaking very loudly . I love it !Someday we go out again aye people ?! Soon reach home around 10.15pm . And here i am blogging . I have fun !!! ;DDDDDD