Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today school was okayyy for me . Assembly was B-O-R-I-N-G ! Like duh . Erm , PE was fun . Actually we did nothing , those who passed the 5 station , you could sit aside . Im' one of them ! Yeahhhh . See i pass . LOL ! Recess as per normal . English did writing and get ready for Monday . Wth wth . MYE already . 0.0 Maths get scolded. -________- LOL ? Go through the test paper , i think i did preety well . Then lunch . Study period up next . Craped with GF . After school , got Oral ! Zomg . I did preety badly , i suck ! Last minute planned to go makan Ice Kacang !!!! But this time two people joining us . Rifdi and Syaza . So the 5 of us walked to Vista Point and had our desserts ! Guess what ? Rifdi dropped a whole bunched of ice on the table . It flows soon the ice has no color and flavour . The ice turns white . LOL ! We went there awhile only , since the two boys gonna meet the malay dance clan at Sakura . So funn .... After finishing the ice kacang .. the boys went to meet Amat first . The girls went under my block to chilled . Coincidencely , saw the two boys . So they chilled under my block while we go under Amat's block . After having so much air at there . Wanted to go playground . Bumped into them againnnnnn . Soon went home . Im' lazy now and tired . So im' just writing what i remember . Errr , bye ?

PS : You don't need to dress up with those mini-skirt to attract 'him' right ? Aiya ! Girls nowdays so mentel . 'He' don't even care about you . Cause he don't like you . LOL ! 'His' useless i tell ya . But girls gone wild after seeing 'him' . WHT ?