Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yeahh ! RANDOM .

Today was a happy day ! But sadly , i got stomach cramp today , and its so not good . For today , we had our temperature taking in the class . All people in the class like so jakon . First lesson was Home Period , so Mr S told us some story about Swine Flu ? Then Science period , we did some note writing . Like usual . Then Recess !! Ouh ! and theres no assembly today. Well , next up , EBS . We went to the Library . So i sat with Linda and Joan . We had fun bullying Joan. Since she sat with us , we have no connection to internet at all . -_-"

So i sat with Solihinz and Rifdi . We need to find something about starbuks . But in the end , the three of us browsing through the internet . Facebbok larh , friendster larh and i go yahoo. Type Rifdi name , since Hinz said that all got handsome-handsome people. But in the end , muke sume macam (insert word here). Welaughed and joked around . Some teachers helped us for the connection. Out of the sudden , Rifdi said , "Asal macam bau keling nie?" . LOL ! We talked about tommorow plan . So at 1 we meet . And meet at BNS . I only know that Rifdi and Hinz are cofirm by now . Im sure tommorow will be funnnnnnnnnnnn ! Since they said they are photogenic . Im sure im gonna take photo a lot. But Rifdi say , Kalau amek gambar banyak-banyak nanti tuer . LOL !! True ehk ?

Then English lesson . Mdm S revise us the 2006 N Level Examination . Darnnnnn susah liao ! Hmmm , then lunch with the Kaki Gerek people . Rifdi hand got squeeze by Azri . LOL ! He suddenly jumped of from nowhere . LOL !!! So funny and girlish ? Hinz sat with us and chatted for awhile . I just break the record of burping ! Welcome to the club . LOL ! Then music , We watch ABBA video . Boring then cange to MJ songs . I like Black or White . HAHAHAHA ! Solihinz change it to ; You'er Black , Im White . Heh . After school , went to Vista Point to eat Ice kacang . This time , Fadhil followed us ! GF went to my crib , watched tvee and went home . I go bathed , sleep and Solihinz wake me up with a phone call . -_-" Okayyy , im still sleepy now . Bye !