Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Okayyy , Acul didn't come to school , Joan run away from hostel and didn't came back till now , Amira will not be joining us and Jia Hui dropped from school . Dayum ! I wonder what happend to our clas spirit which was back then during sec one , huh ? From 40 now down to 36 . dayum dayum dayum larhh siot . So much for 4_TEAM_8 = Together Everyone Acheive More. -_- Hmm today was a great day , why ? School starts late , ouh yesssss . After done with the lining up outside gate , procceed to the classroom . Got into the class , most of them had already reached . So faast ? Erm , first lesson was Science till recess . Mr S asked to sit between Rifdi , Azlan and Hinz but since i disagree with the what he has to say . GF and Sally panik since they don't know how to do the Science paper. Seee , im goooood . LOL !! Recess then followed by Maths . Dayum ! I was half asleep and i just wish that Mr Potato make an annoucement to go to the hall . LOL !! But nahhhh . Did correction for the Class Test . I did well btw. :B

EBS was next . Did some printing . But i didn't print since noone print yet . Scared wrong mahhhh . I had no idea what to do . Then lunch . English not baaaaaad . Did some writing eh ? I forgot , heeeh . After school , planned to go RP with Syaza and Friends to study . Decided to joined them . I meet two wonderful person named ; Naufal and Sharifah . Both were quiet while Syaza was the noisest one . And Radiah laughed make me and GF laughed. *suke ehk* LOL ! Then Brother want to meet me . Then meet them at the other side . While Naufal and Sharifah went missing ? The three of us walked till CWP . And Radiah went home first . Accompanied Syaza till the train came . Then me and GF went CWP to grabbed our early dinner . We crapped and make fun of other people . But fun though . So Sunday , we're gonna go ut with Hinz and Rifdi . MAYBE . This time , Amira tag along . Im tired now . Bye !

When you stare at me with your sexayy eye , its not sexayyy , but scary siaa . LOL !