Thursday, May 7, 2009


I think this gonna be a fun but long post . Just continue reading , okayyy ? Don't go . Continue.....
Today was a wonderful day for me and maybe GF too . Well , today went to school , and realise that there was no long queue at the gate . Then procceed to assemble . First thing i saw was Acul ! He came but not on monday . -_- Went back to class , suppose to be Assembly and Home Period . So i did my homework till finish as im half way done . After finishing the homework , i and GF gossip and joke around . Erm , first lesson was PE !!! And im expecting Mr Poh would showed us a video that Naufal and Radiah wrote . But nahhhh .. since all suggest that all have PE . So today im happy happy happy . Why ? Nahhhh .. you no need to know . Okayyy let me tell you lil' bit ? Hahaaa . So Your Faithfully came and said to GF that he wanted to played Badminton since im the so called "PRO-sak" . Then we battle it out . And yesssssssssss , i had a lot of funnn with PE lesson nowdays. *kening naik-naik* Well , we were sweating and we were playing in the shade. -_- Cause we played non-stop . And i like how he smack .

He let me rest while he go played with the rest . Then recess , Ringgggggggggggggggggg-rongggggggggggg ... then go back to class . And yess , Yours Faithfully came to me and asked for my hp . Well , i was curious . GF asked if im not scared if he checked anything inside. But nahhhh , his cool . LOL !! Then it was Maths . Half dead again . But i can catch up with what Mdm J taught us . Yours Faithfully kept asking all sorts of questioned till Mdm J praise him . *wide-wide smile* Next up , English . We did have funnnnnnn like hell . Since Mdm Sue did give some of our classmate names ... Heres some that i could remember .....

Acit - Story-teller ; cause he always like to talk and talk and talk non-stop.
Lan - Fill in the blank ; cause he go pluck his eyebrowns and got some spacing to fill some words.
Frank - Crystalball ; cause now he botak , Mdm Sue always say she can see his future . LOL !
Mitchell - FHM boy ; cause he always talk about horny stuff.
Nasrun - Indonesia boy ; cause of the way he speaks.
Nash and JT - Handsome boy 1 & 2 ; IDK why.
Linda - Protest girl ; cause she will always reject some anwser and want to fight back.

More coming uppp :B Well , we always had funnn during Englsih lesson . Then we got Lunch and Study Period . I forget what i do . Ouh ! Mdm Sulika came in and we went to the LAB1 to prepared for tommorow paper . Its not that hard . I managed to do it after the revision just now . Then bell rang. I and GF went out the school , with Acit , Lan and Amat . We were very the kecoh-rable . Then waited for Rif and Frank . And we moved on . Suddenly , Lan told us that someone stalking Rif . And she was behind us . I saw her . Okayyy , let me tell you , Rifdi was terrified and you can see his face very the cute . Which i mean when he scared . LOL . He asked us to tell the girl something . We walked till Rifdi just followed us . Haaha . He was very veryyy scared of her . Haaaha . Then they kept looking behind and still could saw she walking faster with her friends . And the guys walked faster . Haaaha . Soon the girl "give-up" i think . Acit went home . And we're very the kecoh when we were otw to Vista Point and had our last minutes comfirm to eat Ice Kacang .

Then the guys went to buy Pancakes and go toilet . While me and GF went to search for seats . Then all gathered and eat together . Hmmmm , its funnn how close we are now than last few years . Then we chit-chat while eating . And decided to Chilled at a nearby RC . They light while the girls gossips. LOL ! After they had enough of light , we went seperate ways . Lan and Frank went towards school . While GF , me , Rif and Amat went to 9oo bus-stop . Amat went home . The three of us board the bus . Soon Rif went down . Me and GF went to CWP . We go SHOPPING ! I bought one shirt while GF bought a nice dope cap . Soon , im gonna buy that Era caap which was so Dopestyle to me . Then we bought Ice Cream . Walked around then went home . Okayyy , tommorow maybe going to RP with the Kaki Gerek ? IDK . bye !

Today i learn that ;

LOL !!