Sunday, May 10, 2009

First of all , i would like to wish,

She is the BEST mother of all mothers . Get
it ? So anyway , she have been tolerate my irritating attitude . And yes , we do
fight . But she still have a soft heart to forgive me . Awwww . She would go
crazy if me and brothers make jokes . And she would be ugly like
a monster if she could not take it . But ungly pon ugly larh . Tetap jadi
Pujaan Hatiku . Okayy , for short and sweet . I LOVE YOU MUM !
Okayy , today i did celebrate Mother's Day . But not all the family members celebrate together . In the afternoon , both parent went to worked and came back early . Cause they had to attend someone wedding . So i didnt' followed them since i need to prepare for my Science and Maths paper on Tuesday . And im struggling to cope with all the chapters. Dayummmn ! But im sure i can . Jai-Yo Farrah . One of my mother sibiling came to my house . They bring along their 3 little children . So cute youuuu . Dad and Mom came back home fast . They chit-chat outside . Dad got a lil' tired . And went to bed . While mom entertain them . Im inside mugging on my Science . Im stil stuck on chapter A1-A4 . I will study Maths on monday . Lucky tommorow holiday or i will be crying for Science paper . Uncle want to go home , so brother came home fast . And sent them home . I and Mother followed too . All of us squeeze in the car . As soon as we reached at Bedok , i changed place to sit infront .

Then Mom planned to go Changi Airport to walked around . We had Ya Kun Kaya Toast for a lil' celebration . I bought new book . Which i have already read volume one which i lend from Frank. And i bought Voulume 2 . Erm , then we took picture . I saw Bella . And off to Kak Mary work place . To give sweater since she is working late tonight . And home sweet home . I think i better stop . Since i need to continue on my Science revision . I need HELP !!!! Bye !