Friday, May 15, 2009

The Points :
First row : Dennise
Second row : Farah
Third row : Zhi Hao

Well , moshimoshi .
Today school was absolutely marvelous ! In the morning , turns out that only 4 girls came to school . But they would regret if i can say . Why ? Cause we spent our time at RP and what do we do ? . We mixed with class 3-8 . "Not such a good idea." And we played Badminton for the whole day . Not tired okayy . Its fun , this is how a good why to lose your freaking FATS ! Yeah , get this right . Haaah . We did a nearly 4hrs of playing badminton and games . Yeah ... fun you know . We sweat like hell . Some people pair together . I and GF kept changing opponent . From two became 4 to 3 and ect . After school was over , went to my crib after i get a phone call for burah . Asking to hang out with them . Maybe for some reason , GF could not joined . But then , first brother just get his paid . And he bought mum a oven for the belated mother's day . After all that , im late for few minutes . First brother gave me $10 , Second brother get $10 and guess what ? GF also get $10 . Like wow ! Excusymo , can you buy for my an adio shoes ? Then went to BNS . GF went home , while we went for bowling . I didnt' know that the whole chinese came too . 2 days hang out with them ... fun though , haaaha.

Then we took 187 . I didnt know that we're going to Bukit Batok just to play bowling . We reached there , no empty . I should have guess . I was telling them why go so far while Yishun Safra got ? Haiya , they don't know . Hmm , so took MRT and went to yisun . Skali , Burah , Eugenia , Jame and YM wanted to watched movie . Angels and Demons , wth . Story like (insertwordhere) . So CH , KK , Dennis still wants to play bowling . So we stick to the planned . Called up JT to meet us at Yishun . WAITED AND OFF WE GO !!!!! Finally , after that long wait . Haaaha . We took bus , and reached there ! Put on our shoes and played . Very the kecoh i tell ya . Especially Dennis . Mentang-mentang dier menang . Puik ! After the game , walked around yishun . Took bus and went to interchange . CH and KK droped near 888 . While JT , me and Dennise dropped at Interchange . Then we split . And home sweet home . Tired , bye !

The Chinese Guy.

Sorry that i did not manage to update on thursday due to some problems . Well , i did spend my thursday very worth it . Why ? Cause after my very FINAL paper for Prelim 1 , The chinese guys asked us out for last minutes outing . We did joined them . We hurried after school to my house with GF . Get changed and went to meet them . So called to celebrate after examination . Erm , after we met up at Jame's block , i sat behind James while GF sat behind KB . We had fun , cause they cycle while we sat behind and enjoy . LOL . Then we went to Mama Shop and bought some drinks . And went straight to Hunted house and Hunted Kindergarden .

Well , both place was occupied by some foreigners . And we did not manage to go inside . So we went to Woodland Mart . GF need to go back home . So i and jame rode her to Admiralty . And waited for Dennis back at Woodland Mart . Had an EARLY dinner with 9 chinese hot guys . Haaaaha . But yeah , we stink cause we sweat . Sexy perrr . Erm , then we went to this place where we get lost . Ended up at a huge carpark at Sembawang area . Went up . And started spraying their bikes . Ouhyah , at Woodland Mart , they bought a few spray to spray their bikes .

We went to the very top level . And we can saw a freakin beautiful view of Sembawang area . And they started spraying . After that , we went down the high slope . And yes , its fun fun fun . Till we do it for 3 rounds . LOL !! I get tired . James rode me home , while the rest waited for JT and KB cause they were hurt . So after James rode me home , i treat him water . And i went home . :D Tired okayyy . Went back , have no appetite . After bathing , i went straight to bed . Ahhhhhhhhh ......