Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting white-er isn't he ? LOL !

Today i went out with parent to go Jemputan . Theres no people , like really no people . Only relatives and close friends . Aye aye . So went there , met some relatives. They said im getting fatter and whatsoever . Hello , im not fat okayy , just chubb-ier. LOL !! And my uncle came to me and warn me infront of my mom and said "don't go 888 often , the mat motor at there very naughty . " Mom was like , "Dengar tuh.*sacarstic smile*" . I wonder if he stalk me everytime school finish . LOL !! Then went to Yishun Dam . Damnnnn nice okayyy . Then Home Sweet Home . Mom went to sleep since she hasn't sleep since she got back from work . So i , dad and first brother sat in the living room and watch tveee . But daddy busy doing hi Soduku book . LOL !! He got stress and mumble . First brother just send me a cool ringtone from Twilight . Niceeee . Now First brother just went out . Hmmm , my Second brother MIA. Since yesterday he sleep at the hotel and never contact me . Booooooo . I wonder what is he doing now . Well , good thing , i got the computer all by myself . And i drank 2 cups of orange juice that first brother bought . I want to go Mlysia with him ! Ouh Ouh , have you guys from WRSS get a msg from school . So weird , IDK why . Okayyy , im done here. Bye !