Saturday, May 23, 2009

(Thats mean 51 years old in bunny years)

She's very the kecoh-rable kawan . A very good person to share your jokes no matter how lame it is . And i treat her like my small sis . Ceyy ceyy . I like the way she laugh , very unique . She is very thin . Go makan larh . Haaaha . Can say same colour skin as me . Very dark . And a very good listener . She can be so straight forward like (insertwordhere) . When she tell you straight forward ahh . You can cry like hell , so hurtful siaaaa . Don't believe try lorrr . A loving friend . Why ? Cause she like to entertain you and a cheerful girl . Never seen her crying before always cheerful one . About her love life , all i can say is do what is right for you . And and and !! Dont think about others feeling larh , do think of your feeling to . Always think about others , biler mau happy nie ? Haaaha . Okayy , i end with a birthday song ...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to SYAZA,
Happy birthday to you !!