Saturday, May 2, 2009

Okayyy people , this gonna be a long post about yesterday outing . I will not miss every single thing that happend yesterday , aye ? Okayyy , here it goes . 1.00pm , i , Rif and Hinz suppose to meet at BNS . But in the end , they two guys came around 1.20pm -_-
Coincidencely , i and Rif wore the same shoe , Jazz green colour . All wore shoe btw .So the three of us took the train and went to meet GF at DG station . While waiting for GF , the three of us chatted and sungguh panas . We went to Park Mall while they called it Pork Mall . The writing was very uncleared . The boys took photo cause the place like hotel gitu . Erm , then meet GF at PS . Walked towards The Cathay . We planned to watched movie . But in the end , theres no movie that is very catching . So walked around . Bought water and chill around . Went to PS back .

Then we go the "Timezone" . Very squeezy i tell yo . Then we get bored . So we go City Hall , and went to Esplanade . We took few photos . Then Hinz need to go back early . He went back home first . Lucky Rif never followed him . So we accompanied Rif to go shopping at Peni . He bought jean. Good choice of colouring . We walked around . Then i think we got lost after walking around ? LOL . Cause we ended up at some cities . LOL . But Rifdi was the hero . So he lead us back to Marina Square . Otw there , we talked and talked and talked . Night falls , we had dinner . We had a great talked at MacD . A veryy longggg sagggg talked. There are some stalkers that stalked GF . LOL . Erm , then we shared some ghost stories. Rifdi stories very disturbing . Seriously . I still remember till now yo . After that , we went to Esplanade back . To the rooftop and lepak-z . We laughed , craped and again shared stories .

Do you people know about the 22nd July 2009 ? Yeah , the tsunami gonna happend at Singapore. Scary huh ? Yes , we talked about it . Scary siaaa . Some Mat Reps sat at the same place as us . So we decided to change placed . Seat near the view of the sea . And guess what ? Rif found out that the Casino bulding , the shaped of the building is like a card . Stacked together . Nice thinking . Then we took some shoots . I dont know that Rifdi was photogenic . Heeh . He was very a very funn guy . Im saying this not to flirt horrr , but true ;D
So we get thirsty , so we went to buy some drinks . And we chilled inside some placed . We got drank . LOL . GF got drank not us . She drank after eating all those jelly . 0o . LOL . No larh , she was trying her best to get the jelly out from the can . Odd huh . Yes , my GF is a veryy odd but nice girl . So its about 11.90pm. We went home . GF we break a record . LOL . GF seperated with me and rifdi . So took the train with rifdi . And home sweet home !

Dont ever talked bad about my GF you .... BAD GUY !