Saturday, May 9, 2009

Okayy , yesterday i went out and came back around 2.oo in the morning . Okayy , heres how tiring my Friday was . After the paper , GF came to my crib , and we had a short marathon movie with my brother . After which i planned to go Kak Ifa's house to lend her comp to update some stuff . Around 3.oo we went out from my house and went staright to her crib . Saw Arwis , Nad and his friend . Took 913 and off we go. Btw , GF said that i choose a good place to sat in the bus . I saw my Oooh-so-bloody-long-friend in the bus . Akmal , but i don't know if he remember me . Reached her house , straight away used her computer . About 3 minutes brother came too . I and GF blog hopped and find something funny . And we gossip about some people . Its fun though , it was 6.oo in the evening and Brother suddenly asked me if i want to followed him to go Sheesa . Well , i contacted some of my peeps . But none were free . So i went back home , and get ready to go out .

GF went back home . Kak Ifa and Brother had already reached the house before me . Then few minutes . We went out . We waited for the bloody long bus and board it . We were late cause Kak Yus and Sham was there already waiting for us at BNS . Bought the ticket and board the train . Meet Irfan and Asri at Admiralty . Then meet Abg Audi , Abg Wan and Afiq at Bugis station . While waiting for some people to draw some money , i , Kak Ifa and brother went to bought some cookies at Famous Amous ! Then all gathered and proceed to Arab Street . There were 10 of us . Very the kecoh-rable . The first place where we choose , it was hot and cramp . So Kak Yus and Sham went to searched for other places that is more comfortable . They found a placed which is Air-Condition . So we went to the placed . As soon as we reached there , we ordered some food , A LOT of food okayy , and drinks . We got some problems , JengJengJeng . Im below 18 . Sial . So anyway , while waiting for the food and drinks to arrived we played "Tai-ti" . While the other tables , played Snap . Okayy , Afiq was very very nisoy okayy . He shouted so loudly when he want to say snap. The food and drinks came . The sheesa too .

While sheesa-ing , we played the game called "Police and Theif" . It was very very funnn ya . Then played "The Police , Thief and Medic" ? I think that was the name of the game . LOL ! After that , we played "Swish!" . LOL ! We very the kecoh group at there . Espacially when the part if people get it wrongly . Funnn Funnn Funnn !! Then its already morning . Around 1.oo in the morning , we get tired after all those laughing . We paid the bill . Irafan and Abg Wan treat us seyyy !! Woohooo !! Then we took some photos and cab home . Okayyy . Here's some photos aye . Enjoy !