Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today i had Maths Paper 2 and EBS . Well , for your info , this is the first time in my history of exam that i leave blank for all paper . Well , you guess right . Its Maths Paper 2 . And i was dissapointed with what happend . Cause i tried my best to do the paper . But but .. nvrmnd . Anyway , i have asked Ahmah S to teach me after examimantion over . I need help larhhh . More experience person . But i don't know if he agree *wonder* . So after the paper , meet Syaza and Adriana . Went to Admiralty to had my late lunch with them . As usual we shared some latest stories . :B And did some jokes . Well , some story which freak me out . Why ? Cause teenagers nowdays like to think far i guess ? LOL !They went home . Few minutes , i and GF went to CWP and some thing catch my eye . Must keep money ! Then GF asked me this question : "Do you think that you can get a guy just like that , but you just don't want ? " Guess whats my answer ? Haaa . I said yes , cause i don't know why . Past few months , i do agree some guys did have a killer smile . But my heart say NO ! Ceyyy , cam drama sakk aku . But i do like those people , but but ... Haaa . Why should i tell you ehk ? lol . I think i only stick to one , which i think i have found one . But its not the right time yet . I need to Study maths , get my n-level cert , finish ITE get a job then can . Lol . Skali besok da dapat ehk . Haaa . Okayy , this friday and saturday maybe i will go Sham's Chalet or go out with GF . Which better ? 0o Okayy , i need to pooo . Bye !