Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well , guess what ? Yesterday , i miss half of the day . Why ? Cause yesterday night , just as i finished blogging . Im otw to my comfortable bed , as i enter my room , the door bell rang . Its strange since its in the middle of the night . Well , i see through the hole and saw my aunt and my mother sister . I scream since they were from Malaysia and surprise me cause mom called them few times and noone picked up . So we gave a warmed welcome . Such a BIG surprise . After that , they planned to go to other relatives houses to give them a surprise . Well , mom dragged me along . So i had to 'tahan' my sleepy-ness . About 12.3oam we reached home . And i ran towards my bed and sleep w/o changing . Lol . The next day , aunt woke me up at 8.ooam in the morning and asked me to followed them to other relatives houses . Since they do not know the way . I forced my bloody eye to opened and bathed . For their sake , i dress up . First brother came home just after i get ready.

Then he also tagged along . The four of us went to at least 2 houses . First brother and me was too sleepy that we slept at the 2nd house . Cause they talked and talked none stop . Bedtime stories . Haaaha. About 12.3opm , aunt dropped us at our block . And they went back home . I anf First brother , went home . He slept . And guess what ? I could not sleep. -.- So i watched tvee and staff . Then Brother went out . Around 5.oopm (i think) i went to sleep in my room . And the next thing i know when i woke up , its already 8.37am . And i miss dinner , tvee ect ect . I didnt' even notice siaaa . Wth wth . I woke up and First brother just came home from work . Second brother just came back from chalet which i decided not to tagged along . So today , i stayed home and rest . Wash clothes . And cannot sleep again . I tired but cannot . Second brother asked me if i want to go out with him today , i said yes . But till now havent' go out yet . Lol . Entah betol ker tak nie . I want to watch 'MinuteMen' but they want to watch 'Monster Inc' . So i planned to watch tommorow but tommorow got 'Spiderman 1' . Haiya ! Ouhyah ! Aunt came to invite us on the 30th of may to JB . Cause my uncle is going to marry !! I ask if GF can follow . Mom and Dad said okayy . GF mom said okayy . So maybe yes ? IDK . And i can't wait to go holiday during the June Holiday for 1 MONTH ! WooHoooo ! Loving it . Okayyy . I got to pack my bag now . Bye !!