Monday, May 25, 2009

Today was a great day for the start of the week. First lesson, was Science lesson . See that Mr See face early in the morning. But not bad not bad .He also tired so we did some worksheet halfway and rest. Next period was EBS . And yes , the outing on this coming Sunday till Monday is still on . Wanna know what outing ? Did i tell ya people . Okayy , im excited now . So im a good person , so i tell you again . Anyway , Miss Siti plan an outing for MY CLASSMATES to sleepover at SENTOSA , Siloso beach hotel . I don't know where . But it cost alot . We're suppose to book on Saturday till Sunday . But due to some problems , we postpone to Sunday till Monday . Sounds fun ? Definitely ! We shared stories and i can't wait ! But mom and dad haven't know yet . Heh . Recess . Up next was Maths . Today lesson i sit up and study carefully . Cause today lesson was great ! Did some SIN-COS-TAN . As im about to do the homework given , sekali bell ring pulak .

Whose lesson now ? Poh Leng lesson ! Haaaha . R&R lesson . Must be boring but nahhh . Mr S showed our performance in studies . And guess what ? I improve !! From 23 ---> 15 . Not bad not bad . Im happy as im top 20 . Mane tahu next time top 10 pulak . Ceyy pikir long distance sak . Haaaha . I get 1 bloody U grade for Maths . Wahhhh -.- But i get 2 As for EBS and CPA , i think . First was Kai Bin second was Shahril third was Fad and fourth was Acit . All boys . First girl was MAKburah . Okayyy skip this long distance story . Next was lunch . Then MT . Mr Faisal came in an showed us some boring videos . Solihinz asked to showed videos about drum larhh , Amin asked to showed MadTV videos larhhh but Mitch asked to showed Beatbox video. Ahhhhhhhh ........ that one not bad . The rest like bedtime story videos . Watapley btol !

After school ended , i , Nash and GF went to Admiralty to buy cake for my dear Syaza for her belated birthday . We bought the cake . Since they say otw otw . We panick . Few minutes then reached . I thought many people would came . But instead only 2 beautiful girls showed up . Watapley . So we bought the BIG/REGULAR shape cake. -.- After eating , we chillax at there . Looked how entertaining Radiah was eating . The way she eat her chicken ehhh .. so entertaining ahhh . Lol ! So styled but but still PASS . Haaaha . Soon Radiah need to went back home . We , who left went to Admiraly Garden to sit and wait for the horny bastard to come and eat the cakes . Well , waited and waited for WAY too longgggggggggggg . I get bored , so i want to sabo Syaza . And tada !

Alah-lah-lah-lahhhhhh . Lawa dier !

The placed so warm , so i and GF went off first . We planned to go home straight but GF mom haven't go back home so she couldn't enter the house cause no house key . *taking deep breathe* So we went to Stress City , went up the hill . And rest . Talking and such . So windy and we planned to have a picnik there on Acit birthday ! Wonder if it will work . Haaaha . Then went down , saw a boy a one of the long longkang . Catching fish . Opsss ... i mean frog . *shouting!* Gross ! And he is a friendly guy who likes to talked to beautiful girl like *pointing someone* . Heeehe . If you get my joke. -.-

Then its raining , so GF went to my house . Her sis said to go back home if her sis msg her again . So waited and waited till 8.oopm . GF polish my nail till got my reflection . Mom told GF to sleep over . So GF msg-ed her mom . No replied .Then when she's otw in the MRT . Her mom msg-ed said can overnight my house. *showing jame face* HAHAHHAHAH ! If you know who jame is . Looloooooollooll ! Okayyy , im tired now . Daaaaaaaaaaa !!!

Psssstttt .... i like Radiah Shirt . LOL !