Friday, May 29, 2009

Q I M A A N D F A R A H H E R E !


Hello !
WALAH ! I can't wait tommorow to end . Today i didn't came to school. So as GF . Well , we meet at interchange and met my HERO. lol . And we waited for him , he came and gave us homework . Awww , good huh ? Today Rifdi , Mitchell and Amin didn't came to school . I thought noone wants to miss the last day of school . Heehe . Then went to Juntion 8 , to see our old work place . New staff and new boss ! Good larh . So we walked around . Ouh , before we go there , i and GF eat at Admiralty and saw Radiah . Then walked around at Bishan . Felt bored , so went home after that . WALK home you know , so rajin . Hmmm , and we watch movie . GF and i gonna have marathon movie . And of course , we're gonna have fun . Mom was sick for one day , im worried . Urgh , am i suppose to take care of her or go for the outing ? *crying* so now GF gonna write her story below . Bye .........


Waddap people.

Woke up early, thanks to Farahs text msg. Met her at interchange then met Silent Killer. He passed us our homeworks. As you know, we didn't attend sch today. Got LOTS of hmwrks espacially Maths. Haizz.. Then we went to Bishan, walked around for abit and I bought two stuffs from Watson. Got to Farahs crib then watched a movie. Farahs mom asked us to go buy eggs, ikan bilis and rose syrup (which we forgot). Got back, showered and now ending this post. Ta-daa(: