Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rooftop !

An early post. LOL !! Since i came back home early and did nothing . Just came back from Library . Anyway , school was funnnn with GF around . It was raining in the morning. Ahhhh .. so nice ! I went in class , only a quater reached already . GF came about 1o minutes later . First period , we did some writing . And i had to finish my homework before Mdm Sue ask for it . LOL ! I had fun during english lesson . Cause i had funn reading Frank book ; within 2 days tauuu :B Im so hyper today . Then MT . Gathered again in the center . And the topic for today ? "Is it wrong to start a BGR for our aged ?" Some shared their opinion . Some people acted sleep cause the story very longggg and so details . Teacher asked one question she/he go answer like comprehension -_- I and GF laughed . Some said yes , cause some can managed to tahan their "NAFSU" . Some no , cause they would get into some trouble by doing SEX(s) LOL . And for me and Lan , depends lohhh . If the girl/boy want , go lorrr . If don't want who cares .

Rifdi didn't come today thats why Frank was quiet today . Haaaha . We shared some good and bad opinion . Next was recess , btw , i was this close to holding his bag okayyyy . Erm , the food that i buy was deliciousious ! Nice ya know . Science , i was half dead . I have no mood at all and i asked GF to did some work for me . Tytytytytyty ! Then taking temperature time . And went back to lesson . This time i was wideee awake but its GF turns to sleep . LOL ! Cause after that was Maths lesson , WORST ! And the time came , JENGJENGJENG . I was half dead . Did correction and i failed my paper . Dont' ever asked the mark . Heeeh . Then lunch and Study Period . Continued Mdm J homework . Like dayummmmmn ! So many okayy . Then after school , went to Civic MacD and continued . half way only, and went to Library . We had our "bad-girl-gone-gossip-about-bad-thing" LOL !! You want to know what ? *look down* Erm , okayyy . Then after that all went home . I had fun after the talked . Haahaa .Okayy now , tada . Maybe im gonna update more later ? LOL !! Bye !