Monday, May 4, 2009

See me and Rif have the same shoes .

First thing , i put my blog page as "ALAH" because thats what my family calls me when im young . Its not some weird name aye ? Aiyo . Anyway , today was an okayyy day for me . No in the so call Happy-laugh-day . But kinda moody mood . Erm , today came to school , and the school gate became like a Custom going to Malaysia. -.- I was walking alone when i heard a uncle or security guard shouted that its for your own safety . Well , thank you . I saw Nash and we make some jokes while waiting for our turn to go in . We came in the class , and found out that Nash went to Malaysia . So i stand beside him and meaning ......... (insert word here) . GF had already came early , wonder why . First lesson , was English , did not do anything cause i was concentrating reading Frank book which i borrowed from him . Till Maths lesson , i was half awake when Mr Potato made an annoucement , all secondary 4 & 5 student procceed to the hall NOW . Heeeh . Eveeryone went "YESSA ! " and some "ALERMAK ! " . LOL !!

Reached hall , got some advice or routine that must do daily . I read the book cause its way too boring for me . I was sitting behind Frank . He was asleep . And i heard a footsteps . Mr Siva asked Frank to stand up . Haaaaha . Then recess was extend only for 5 minutes . ZzzZzzZzz . Next lesson was Science . We sat beside Frank since Lan went back home and Rif didnt' came to school . GF entertain Frank since im busy writing some notes . I don't know why i don't entertain his joke like last time , i wonder why ? Anyway , the topic was quite funnnnn . Lunch was next . I was doing my science work alone while GF went to the toilet . While someone grab and hold my hand . I thought it was HIM . Awwwwww . But it was Frank. -_- Nice . Nanti matair kau marah donggg . Heeeh . MT was funnnnn with Cikgu Y . We gather in circle and shared our opinion about the topic which was "Why these day , teenagers is hard to communicate with parent ." . Mr Faisal came to our class . We make some jokes like usual , but he dosent have sense of Humours ? LOL .

After school , we hanged out with Acit , Frank , Amat , Aida and of course , GF . We sat in front of a PAP school and light . I know , not good right . LOL !! Acit told me that he does not smoke anymore. And when he is , second thought about him ? I don't know . When he is in school , i looked him as a good and innocent guy . But what to do , stress mahhhh. -_- After all the lights , we went to Acit house since he want to Bluetooth some songs from my handphone . Handphone gue crack pon , but still power okayyy . Heeeh . He went home . While the 5 of us went to Vista Point to eat Ice Kacang ! Aida got some sickness where she can hardly eat . Odd huh . Erm, then the couple went to Amat house. While the 3 amingo went to Yusuf's crib to take back Frank video games. But noone open but the window all open , get it ? Frank went home , GF went to my crib and use the comp . Yada yada , we went out at 8.oo pm and we had dinner at MacD . Bought Mimi food , and reached home around 9.3o pm . Saw Amira , our old old old friend . And guess what ? She's gonna engaged next month . Shock huh ? What is happening to this world . I and GF shared some thoughts of what happend when we die , and where do we go ? Okayy enough , im scaring myself now -_- Im off now . Ouh ! I got a new version of MSN , jakon , i know. LOL ! Bye !

Dude , i have think and think much . Do i deserve this ?