Friday, May 22, 2009

Your Truly was veryyyyyy yeah veryyyyyyy kind today . And can i say he's cute ? I like today and PE . Why ? Cause i spend 1hr with him . Lol . It maybe boring to you but not me ! *wide smile* Okayokay enough . Lets get back to what happend aye ?

CPA lesson was lively . Why ? Cause i pass ! Well , special thanks to the multiple choice uhs . And also the printing section . If not i die lorrrr . After CPA , we're having PE . On second thought , well i know its going to happend . So i know what move to make . *giggle* Mr P let us played Badminton . And whose the champion female badminton ? None other than me okayy ! Ceyy , stop it sak farah . Haaaha . So here's some cool move that i did. And it work ! *smiling*

YT: "Farah , main ngan aku ehk . "
Me: *ignore* (jual mahal larh nie)
At the Badminton Court.
YT: "Farah , sini come . Main ngan aku."
Me: "Aku main ngan GF aku larh*smiling at GF*"
YT: *Paisey face*
Me: "JK larh . Yelah . Meh meh ."

See see ? Anyway , when you're with a guy who you like. You will have butterfly , right ? But for me , instead of getting butterfly , my jaw will always crack . Whats up with that ? Haaaha . So after much playing , i told him that i want to rest . And he went to other players to play . Bell rang , and he picked my racket and put it back for me . For me , SWEET . Amat came and told me , "Semagat kau ?". Ouh well , apelarh sangat kan ? After recess was EBS . Went to Lab1 . Do some printing . And Yours Truly gave me the kening naek-naek expression . Heehs . Mentel . Then after school , went back home acoompanied by GF . Then went out to picked her sis at Hougang Mall . Went to her crib for the first time . Heeh . Then went back to CWP . Chillax at MacD civic . Then went to my nearby street soccer court . Watch guys playing soccer. And home sweet home !!! ;B