Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yours Truly acting strange today and yesterday . It seems that everytime when you don't want him to look , he will look . And give the face like whats-next ? I wonder if he could read minds or something . Haaaha . But yea , it's scary . But looks like he know something already . Thats why A also acting weirdly . But i have to admit that i liked him but i do not want him to be there wherever i go . And stared at me like some stalker . It's a good thing or a bad thing ? I wonder if he still remember about R . And yes , i hate R . But if you like the person , you will looked at him each time , right ? For some yes . And you don't want him to know cause you scared and you don't want things to get dirty . A is pissing me off each time . And A is going around talking about this matter . I wonder what is going to be his next move is . Before all this thing feeling happend , Your Truly and i were so close . But after this thing happend , things getting (insertwordhere) . Have you ever wonder , why sometime good things come to an end ? <3