Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's the L.A.T.E.S.T news ?

Yeaaahhhhhh ! They're Dating ! *wide smile*

I love both of them , yey ! Btw people , i heard that school holidays will be extended for another week . Yeah , you people will be happy huh ? But for those whose taking N-level or O-level paper , the exam will also be extended . And maybe during Hari Raya ? Dayumnnn ! So .. no fun , no gain .. okayy wth am i talking about . LOL . But its suck to the hell ? , cause our december holidays will be shorten . But guess what , next no secondary larh beb . But ... ITE *crying* . Anw , tmr im going to play bowling with my peeps . Anyone care to join ? WAIT ! , no need to answer cause i won't be checking my tagboard pon . Tee hee~ Im talking nonsense now cause i don't know what to write . And i love wasting your not precious time reading this blog . Okayy , i should stop now or else i'll be talking about the economic .. What ?! Macam Paham . Okayy peeps , ciao !