Monday, June 22, 2009

NOW YOU SAY...ARGH !!!!! (lame huh ?)
I've been busy for the past few days .
Too many men asked me out ... LOL ... Like real only .
Okayy , Wednesday i have a date ... NOT ! Its already been plan . But hope it would not be cancel . Im going out with Hinz . Mabe with his mate . So i'll update soon .
I told you that my computer was down with fever right ? Now my mouse ALSO down with fever ... which means break down . Wth larh . Okay here's what happend on last Friday till today ..


You want to know what ? LOL . I almost spent more than $5o.oo on Cotton On shirts and shades . Well , GSS are around the corner why not grab sweet stuff before all the cost went up again ? And and , i had enough of shopping already ! Mumzy also bought some shades for herself . First brother bought a shirt and a short pants . But for second brother , he bought himself one OP shirt and get another shirt for free . Also , on friday i went out with Second Brother and Kak IFA . We walked around the all . Then went back to Woodland and chillax at some area . We played some games , and its really really su*k yaww . -.- Cousin from Malaysia sleepover my crib . So we need to go home fast .


The reason cousin came and sleepover to our house is because on Saturday , my uncle had some occasion . So i , my grandmumzy , Cousin and his wife with my Aunt came to his house to helped things out . Datang lawa-lawa , belom start make-up da hilang. -__-" Then Mumzy and Daddy Yankee came with Brother . After work First brother came along with his bike . Very the kecoh moment indeed . Then we went back home around 9.oo+ . We took our cousin and aunty go jalan-jalan at Vista Point for awhile . They bought something and went back home . All get tired and went to sleep . But of course all already had their bathed . And after i finished my all time favourite , Wizard of Waverly Place . I fell in love with the big brother , Justin !


Soryy i don't have your handsome face photo . LOL !

All cousin went back to Malaysia around 12.3o.

[Monday / Today]

I have no plan and im a good girl so i stayed at home . I have no mood for any revision at all . And yes , i can't wait to go out on Wednesday ! Im tired of writing , to be honest . So TADA !