Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boo ! LOL .
Guess what ?! IM HOME LARH SIOT ! .. and yes , after that 5hr ride in the car was so tiring .

  • I miss my GF
  • I miss my HP
  • I miss my BED
  • I miss my cat , MIMI
  • I miss my Air-Condition
  • I miss my fever computer
  • I miss my first brother
  • And mostly , I miss my BF , HYDIR IDRIS

Okayy lets talk about my 3 days 2 nights trip to Malaysia . Not only one place only . But we moved places to sleep over . Photos will be upload , probably tmr ? I'll be finishing my homework at Kak Ifa's Crib . If only she say 'YES' .

Day 1

On 3.ooam in the morning , Dad woke us up like hell . LOL ! Cause i had only 3hrs of sleep and 3o minutes on dreaming ? Haaha , LAME . Then around 4.oo , Dad went down to 'fetch' the car first while we took our own sweet timw to bring around 3-4 bags down . Then pray pray and pray , off we go . Okayy , NO JAM and thats good really good ! After all the chop chop , we took a ride at this X-pressway . Dayummmn dark siaaa . Like anytime 'people' can come out one . It took about 3-4hrs . Dayummmn long i tell ya . Cannot sleep , so watched my handsome brother played PsP . Accompanied Dad , cause he's driving . Tell him which way to go .

After reching at Seremban , first thing we do is to surprise the poeple in the house . LOL ! Shouting out , hilarious . Then Mak Long went out and opened the gate for us . Abg Shawal was sleeping when Dad woke him up . We chit-chat for awhile . Then we went to Abg Lang house which not far from Mak Long house . Still shouting , and Abg Lang went out to opened the gate which far from the house door . All house like banglow , so jealous sioot . Then then , we rest and slept for few minutes . Okayy , only i alone whose still not sleepy . Brother slept the very first . -_-" And and , we went to Mak Long house back . Sit and wait for some relatives to reached . Then Dad decided to go 'Ulu Bendol' first . So we went ! Sadly , no pictures was taken cause everybody busy swimming . LOL . Cousin(s) went up first cause the water was too cold for them . It is COLD LIKE (insertwordhere) . Freezing . Brother nipple steam siaaa . Haaahahahhahahahah ! Kekek siot . Then then Dad enjoy the water alone , while we played catching in the pool . Then went back to Abg Lang house to bath-ed or washed up . Then get ready to go Dewan to prepared the tables and chairs for the Grand Wedding , since it will be 4 people instead of 2 .

Night falls , people helping out to arrange the tables and chair . Very kampong-ish . People helped one another . Laughed together . Very cheerful night to remember !! Around 11.oopm we went back to Abg Lang house to sleep . But Abg Lang and Kak Nozi stayed at the dewan to helped out more things . The kids followed us . All slept , only me , AGAIN . Cause there was too many mosquitoes biting me cause im way tooooooo sweet for them . Haaha . So i went to Dad's room to sleep with them . At last a peaceful night ................ NOT !

Day 2

Woke up early , since it's the Wedding day . So dragged myself out from the bed and went straight to bathroom . Then get ready and went out to dewan . We're the first to come . Prepared the things . Soon many people came and there was this kid , who i used to played with when we're little , He grown tall like hell , but his face never changed . LOL ! Yalah , 6 years siaa never meet . Haiya . He has grown to a more Handsome type larh horr . Not bad not bad . Then Kak Kairin came . Around 4 or 5 pm , packed things up . And and Abg Shah , the Groom , sing my favourite song , Ratuku by Awie . OMG ! Not bad larh , nice voice . After which we went back to Abg Lang house , packed our things and sleep at Kak Long placed at Seremban 2 which was near-ed to KL . Ouh , how i wish i went there . Once we reached there , i and brother with the 8 sibilings went to the third floor of their house and played games . Some went to bathed . Changed shift larh konon-nya . Some played Ps 2 , some played Internet and some watching Tvee . Very nice place .

After which , both families went out to grabbed our dinner . A seafood restaurant . Total people 12 . Went back home . Then we played Police and Thieve . Gereks sakali ! Then around 2.15am went to sleep . Very the best place to sleep ...................... YES IT IS !

Day 3

Woke up today , first thing first , we packed up to go home . Not going home at Next Sunday , cause noone will bring me home . Heeehe ! After packed up , put things inside the car . Went to Nilai 3 . SHOPPING , SHOPPING SHOPPING ! . Not much uh . I bought 2 small gifts for my 2 favourite GF . A small token . Went breakfast at there . And guess what , at there , Roti Prata and Roti Canai are two different things . Roti Prata is more bigger than Roti Canai . What a good thing to study . Then we went to our goal of coming here . Is to ........... go and eat AGAIN at A&W !! Yeah , the root beer float is so dayumnnnn nice . Tak boleh angs you ! Seret pon tak larat . OKay okay , then went to Mak Long's house to rest just for a few minutes . Played with them kids . Around more than 12 kids you know . So many babies there . Can make football team . LOL !!

Then Dad said it's time to go home . How sad . Yes , tears roll down my cheek . But i try to tahan . The kids are too kind and too fun to be with . I want to stay there . But Dad and Mom are going to work tmr . *crying* Waving and saying Bye to them . And off we go . Stop at the Chendol stall to grabbed a fast drink . Then then went to pump oil . The service that Suck . The people there very rude . No manners ! Suckers . Skip skip . Stop at Ge... Patah . Go Pang-Sai and eat Satay . Im' fat like a pig ! Hurhurhur . Then reached Singapore at 8hr07min41sec . LOL ! I checked the time . And here i am after bathing . Fresh larh siot. Okayy people, im tired.