Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sorry fans that i didnt' update for a couple of days . My computer had fever so i cannot play lorrr. So here's the update about the outing to Siloso Beach Resort that im tempting to shared with you .

[ DAY 1 ]

On Sunday morning , dad woke me and GF up to get early cause he knows that girls always get ready late one horrrr .. So after all done , I and GF took bus and straight went to meet the rest at the front of the gate school . Saw Lan *shocking eye* so nice dress up you . Then make a phone call . Then the rest meet the malay boys at the nearby coffee shop . Erm , i and GF sat at the bus stop . And i saw Rifdi wore the same shirt as me and H.Yana wore the same shoe as me. *clapping* Famous jugak style aku ehk . LOL . Then all gather in the canteen by 8.3o am and proceed to our first stop , Little India . We walked around and ensure that we gather some answer as we explore . Then we to this temple , where all of us sweat and Rifdi said , " Tulah banyak dosa ." LOL ! Then then we went up the bus , drop at Mustafa Center . Then proceed to Suntec City find some clues . So lame siaa . -.- Then we go eat our Lunch at The Cathay . The shop called Indo Padang . Very SHIOK siol ! Nice nice . Rifdi said something to H.Yana and its some damn funny but rude . I ate the fish , and Lan said " Makan macam kucing sial ." LOL. What can i say , Fish , my very own favourite .

Then next stop SENTOSA . You know the meaning of each letter ? So Expensive and Nothing TO See Also , thats what our tour guide, May , told us . Then after resching to Sentosa , we then split into 3 groups . My team mate all very the supportive one you know . All very energetic . Shahril and Fadhil was the one who lead us cause they are good in reading maps . Well done ! Then we came in FIRST ! And our tour guide treated us some drinks and food . Then after all that tired-ness , all of us get a ride to Vivo and ate our dinner . Which is Chicken Rice shop . Not bad larh . With Mitch around , very good one . LOL . Then after that , off we go back to Siloso Beach Resort . And we have an earliest check in . Cause , the itinery stated that we check in around 9.oopm , but we check in at 6.3opm . And Miss S said its our free time till the next day . Ape lagi , ENJOY ARH BEB ! So i and GF ran up to our room ad check out . As soon as we went in , we could heard some other student shouting like hell . Haaaha ! So yeah , all nice and cooling . Flat Tvee with cable , nice nice . So all malay called each other . And told whats the planned . The planned is to

  • Bath
  • Rest till 8.oo + ?
  • Meet at the pondok nearby .
  • Went into each other room and (insertwordhere) .

So bath and meet H.Yana and Hannah at the pondok and slacked around . Went to the 7-eleven which a 1o minutes walked . Then went to their room and slacked till the boys called and went to their room . So we're playing cards at the pondok , and the boys asked to weny up first since they wanted to smoke . So all gathered inside and very the kecoh i tell you . Watch this show at Okto where small kids half naked . Suke sakk . LOL . The Hasif went to bathed , very kecoh siol . Imah and Sally went inside . Next room was Acit room , Amat turns to bathed . Watch whose line is it anyway . We laughed along as the show was very funny . Then then after all those laughed , Lan , Me , Rifdi , H.Yana , Hannah , Hinz and GF felt hungry so we went for a walked to 7-eleven , and bought some foods . Hinz treat-ed us ice-cream ! Ouh ! , otw to the shop , Rifdi saw a cat walked passed us .. he wanted to touch the cat i think , and i said "Jangan tegur oiii .." And his face changed to scared ? Haahahahha ! And and we went back to our resort and found out that H.Yana and Hannah room opened . And all got scared cause we noticed that they locked the door . Spook-ay ! LOL ! Erm , then went to Rifdi's and Hinz's room to slacked . All gathered inside . Wait for the boys finished light-ing , then they started eating . Okay okay , here's the best part of all the entire jokes that Rif ever make . LOL . H.Yana was complaining that her hp battery was low .

Rifdi turn behind opened his shirt and point at his nipple and said "Nak charged sini ?" We all laughed the fcuking hell out . Espacially me . Thats the best arh siol. All boys were half naked so all the girls very the steam i tell you . Haaaha ! All nice-nice body except (insertnamehere) . Haaha ! Its about 3.3oam . All went to their repective rooms . But Hinz and Rifdi spent a night or should i say morning in our room . Watch America's Next Top Model . They very steam cause they girls pose naked one . Heeehe . Then as we watched tvee , we played 21 . And i taught Rif how to played "Taiti" . Weird huh he don't know how to play . Then we played a couple of round . Then Hinz wants to finish his homework . Went to their room back . Then i , GF and Rifdi was sleepy . We sleep in their room first since we were lazy to go up back . Something happend in between which im good not to say in here .

[ DAY 2 ]

Woke up by Rifdi's hp alarm . Guess what ? He sleep at the bed and his hp was right at the end of the table . So far . Then i woke them up . I shake Hinz body still cannot wake up . Woke Rifdi once and his eyes opened wide . His face got so many lines . Haaaha . Cute . Someone sleep with his mouth opended like want to eat like that . Haaaaha ! We went back to our room to showered and have breakfast downstairs . The boys went down earlier than us . Heehe . Cause we sleep another one more hour in our room . After showered , went down to eat . Yums !!!!! Two thumbs up . Buffet siol . Then went to H.Yana room nad chillax , the boys was inside already . Watching Good Luck Chuck . Steam Kapa ? Haaaha . Then 1o.25am meet our tour guide at 7 floor . Split into groups . And went for a quick walked to explore the hotel place . Then gathered at the front desk . Took pictures for the last time and proceed back to school. Urgh ! I want to go again larh !!! Okayyy . Done here . Bye !