Monday, June 8, 2009

Boo !
Miss me anot ? Alah , miss right ? Chill-chill im still alive.
Well people , im busy with some stuff happening . Just came back from Kak Ifa's pit and yeah im tired . Today i worked with mom . Yeahhh !! Money-money . But im gonna keep it and change it to Malaysia money . Why ? Cause this Friday we're going HOLIDAY ! I can't wait to go "Ulu Bendol" to swim ! Its been century larh siot . First brother won't be following us since he could not get a 'off ' day on that day . These few days , my computer have been down on fever . Yeah , BAD fever . So thats to the why i could not update like i used to . Okay okay , today I and Mommy go to the nearby Salon and touch-up our hair . Mommy go dye her hair . Mixed two colour , light and dark brown . Nice-nice i lioke you . She also cut her hair short . Meanwhile , i also cut my fringe like some Japanese sesat girl . And they straighten my hair for me . The lady asked me to reborn . But nahh , scared not nice. Heehee.

It cost nearly $5o. The aunty give discount . Tommorow will be Daddy's hair turn ! I can't wait wait ! I also can't wait for this coming Friday . We're go SHOPPING SHOPPING AND SHOPPING ! Ouh , last friday , there's a malay lesson class . Half of the class came . Yours Truly came too . Well , GF did not come cause she forgot , i think . Then then the teachers treated us ' Nasi Ambeng ' Nice lohhhh . Okay , im talking nonsence here . Okay , im done here . BYE !