Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MIMI , my only BELOVED cat .

Today after came back from Singapoer Flyer , i get really sick of my cat meow-ing all the time . Well , night falls and guess what ? I made MIMI , my cat , injured her right leg . zomg . This was what happend ..

MIMI kept meow-ing all the time . Even when i just finished bathing , she would stand infront of the door . Cute huh ? But the noise irritates me A LOT . And yes , brother thought she want to ehem ehem with other male cats . But we ignore . So i was playing computer when she's inside meow-ing non-stop . So , i put her far away from me . Which at the living room , and i ran inside my room back . Thats when she ran towards the door . As i shut the door , she BANG onto the door . The impact was so (insertwordhere) that the sound was loud . Even brother could heard it in Mom's room .

I ignored . Cause that happend many times . And so she went to my mom's room . Thats when brother saw her walking oddly ? Brother asked me , so i said idk what happend . Then Mom said maybe the impact on the door was the cause . Yea , im to blame . So i carried her inside my Mom's room and applied some medicine . Massage her leg . Sad Sad . Sorry MIMI . Anyone knows the cheapest vet around Woodland ? Heehe . Save budget . Okayy , i gtg . Ciao .