Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today i went out with my new GF . Lol .

  • I meet Syaza at CCK mrt station.
  • We went to grabbed our Lunch.
  • Went to the library to finished up our homework.
  • Jalan-jalan at the mall.

I saw Syaza sis , her cousin and another cousin . I asked Syaza to borrow the book 'No time for Goodbye' . Since Nasrun also borrowed it and he said it was good . So i recommend it to her lor . Then we walked around to find her friend present . I know her name .. but i don't know how to spell so i just write 'her friend' . Haah . Okayy , thanks Syaza for teaching me few questions that im stuck with . So now , i only need to finished up my MT homework . Yeay !

Tmr planned ..

  • Go out with my Sibs.
  • First brother get 4 ticks free for Singapore Flyer !!

Okayy , my eyes are watery and i got a BAD BAD BAD flu . Urgh ! I hate this part right here ....
And somemore my Catty , Mimi , keep 'Meow-ing' since in the morning . So dayummn siaaa . Im not in a mood today , cause Dad accused me going out with my Boyfriend . Wth larh ? Guys ! , lol . And And have you watch Anugerah just now ????!!!!!! The comments that the judges gave to HYDIR IDRIS . Isn't he a sweet thang . Haaaha . Okayy , im not in the mood now . My flu getting BAD here . Tada !