Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well people , as you all know . That i have a date with two guys .
No Lush !
I went out with my two hottest hunks in class. Jealous ? Yeah , you should . LOL . So i asked my cousin , Falah , to joined me . And Frank brought along his two friends . One was , Zaf , and another was my primary school mate , Wan . What a small world huh ? So we suppose to meet up at 13o . But since im late , i changed the time to 23o . I was late . Duh ! All of them gathered already . Then all board the train . Rif playing with his sweetheart = PSP , while the rest chit-chat on the way . Then we board the bus . Ouh , we're playing Bowling . So we're in the bus . I asked the driver if its' the correct bus . So he said yes .. We're very kecoh at the back since Mr S , our formed teacher called Frank . All very the kecoh , then the bus didn't move . The door kept opening and closing . So we looked at the driver mirror , he was telling us to drop at that stop and walked . Very paisey all went down and laugh---laugh .

We reached our destination . All very jakon . Except Falah , Me and Rif . Buuuttt at last , we only played pool . big L-O-L ! Cause semua hendak save budget mereka . Haahahaha ! We played 2 game , then Falah need to go home . Went to Northpoint to check out the movie tickets . Well , all sold out fast . Watapleeeyy !! So we went back to Woodland to sent Falah till Interchanged . Then the rest and me went to Mac Civic to chillax . We bought some food and chit except Rif playing with his manje sweetheart . Haaha ! Then we planned to played pool again but this time , its at Woodland Checkpoint . So all decided to go Rif's house cause Wan and Rif very the mentel . Cause they don't want to wear shoes to go played pool . So we went to his house . I saw his cat !!!!! So (insertvulgarwordhere) CUTE ! Serious siaaa . It was sitting on top of the air condition something . Walked towards 913 bus-stop and board .

Drop off at Woodland Checkpoint . Straight to the pool place . No time to waste . And start playing . Well , im very very impressed with Rif techtics on how he professionally played pool. He good okayy . They changed partner to battle with . Rif asked me to learn how to played. But nahhh . Kalau kau ajar , can . Just joking ! Anw , around 9.oopm , i and Zaf decided to go home first . While Rif , Frank and Wan continued playing with this one girl . I forgot whats her name . Damn it ! Well , reached home . Mom sleeping . And im bored , so i blog about today . Ouh , GF just message me after a longgggggggggggggggggggg day of dissapearing . LOL . Okay now , ciao !

Overall , I LOVE TODAY !