Monday, June 29, 2009

School Re-open

Well , as you all know that today , 29 June 2oo9 , where the day where every student hate . Hahaha ! Firstly , i do not have a good sleep last night . Kept waking up . And i woke up earlier due to that matter . Hmm , went to school early since i woke up veryyy early . Went to school , and GF already reached before 7am . I was confronted by Aiin . And yes Aiin , your hair very the saggg . Then went inside the class . Saw 2 people hair changed .. from bad to good looking . Hah ! Ouh let me list these two people :

Fairuz - Botak ; so we called him , Michael Scottfeild (is that how you spell) from Prison Break .
Kok Kang - Reborn his fringe ; we called him Megan Foxx , Loong story .

Then Mr S came inside the class . And guess what ? He told us that he will be spending the whole day with us . Till 23opm , like awwww . The whole day we chit-chat . This one time , Mr S showed us some videos of the late MJ . Frank who can't stop his body , starts to dance alone . And after that i get a shocked of my life . Guess what readers ? , i lost my Comfirmation Slip for N-Level . And without that , i could not take my BIGGEST examination . Like (insertwordhere) !! I was so cheerful and because of that my mood swing . Bloody hell . Im still finding that bloody paper . But yeah , im nervous .

Btw ,
Makburah aka Kurus and Yassirah aka Mulut Becok heres for you to read ..

Firstly , i know that you guys jealous right that Mr S called me sweet . And you guys sour . After Mr S asked me to help Frank to do his stuff . You guys went Eeeee larh , Blueakk larh . Aku tawu larh yang Frank tuh ex korang duer . And korang jealous kan ?

Let me focus with Mak-Burah aka Kurus first ..
Well , you're such a BIG poser in our class . Same macam gigi-40 tingkat . You look good infront of everybody else . Especially , malay guys in our class . But kau ingat dorang suke kau per ? They using you larh dok . Kau kan pompan (insertwordhere) . I don't want to talked big here . Since korang takde internet pon . And to be honest , stop taking photo of your own in one day . And show off to the guys . Kiwek , perangai stop it sakkk .

Now let me focus with Yassirah aka Mulut Becok ..
Okay , you're one big Ass Hole . Da larh rosak kan orang nyer relationship . Ade hati nak pikat matair orang . Dasar nyer pendek . Mulut Becok macam pantat ayam . Stop lauging your ass off in class . And you have become Mak-burah slaves siaa . Ikot mane-mane dek tu pegi . Da ade matair , ade hati nak budak lain . Ouh , kau boleh kan . Cause kau pompan (insertwordhere) . Buzz off Biatch !