Saturday, July 18, 2009

Booyah !

Today, was a grea day to relax my mind after such a tiring day at school. And all do was study study study after school. Well , my parent, my aunt and me went went to JB today. We went to 6 different places. I slept around 2.ooam yesterday. And i need to wake up at 5.ooam the next day. And the suck thing was i only get at least 2 hours to sleep. Im dead tired, but what to do. So i drag myself to the bathroom. Went out and picked up my aunt around 6.ooam plus, i think. Then our longgggg journey starts. First we went to 'Pasar Tani' to buy some kitchen stuff. Then last time i went there, when i was a little cute white kid. But now , black already. LOL. We reached early, so went stayed in the car till all the shop open and the sky be brighter. So its getting brighter, so we went and walked around. Tiring but nothing much happend. Mom and Dad only spend most of the money for LOTS AND LOTS of FOOD! We spend around 3-4hours at there, i think.

Then we went to 'Sempang Renggam' to buy LOTS AND LOTS of FOOD AGAIN ! When we're on the way there. Trust me , we get lost 2 times after asking 2 strangers for directions, at last we found the shop. People said the place like factory. So all of us looked for big factory, sekali small shop but big in the inside. At there, theres many Potato Chips or so called 'Kerepek'. Can't get a hang of it , i choose my favourite chips and put inside the basket. We carried two basket which were so fulled with chips! I had fun at there. There are people who made 'Kuih Tart' or i don't know what for english. Mom spend 2oo ringgit for all the food . And get some lucky draw from the shop. Which we win another two chips. -.- The manager asked Mom and Aunt to go inside her room. And guess what ? She asked us tried all the VIP cakes. I tried all the sweet cakes. I can't get to taste all. I like the 'Blueberry kuih tart'. Yums ! Then Dad bought 3 syrups from the shop. We had enough we haeded on to the next stop.

Next stop, 'Ayer Hitam'. Yeah Yeah ! My best shopping place in JB. Let me list the things that we bought today:
- 4 Upin and Ipin pillows
- Tudung Salji (The 'NET'cover for food)
- 2 Spongebob Keychain and 2 patrick Keychain for my peeps
- 4 Pineapple
- 2 Jackfruit

Then we went 'Yong Peng'. Just stayed in the car and drive around. The aunt decided to go 'Jesco' to AGAIN buy kitchen stuff. *tak puas-puas orang-orang nie* Me , mom and aunt went inside while dad sleep inside the car. Cause he was tired after a long drive around JB. Pity him. Then the three of us, went inside the shopping center and headed to the kitchen section. The mall is so big that you would need a compass if you're lost *nampak sah bedek* Want to know what the hell we bought ? Let me list :

- 2 big container of oil for aunt
- 2 shirts for brothers at home
- 1 big container of orange syrup
- 5 shirts for mom and aunt for work
- 1 big box of 'Daia' (detergents for clothes)
- 1 Softlan

Then after that , mom and aunt accompanied me to buy my clothes. But the nike and puma and addidas shop at there no shirts for ladies. I went like WTH ? Then what they selling siaa. CB. So went out from the mall with nothing for me. Fcuk btol. Then headed back to the car and put everything at the bonet. Its around 4.oo plus and we're tired. Dad drive till Link 2 to eat and chat for a while. Dad went to the toilet while i, mum and aunt went to buy food. After finishing my food, dad give me 25 ringgit to buy something for myself at there. So i walked around alone. Bought magazines and stickers. I know how lame for what i bought. But there's nothing at there. Only FOOD FOOD and FOOD !! Then after that , all went home. Sent aunt back home. And she gave me 30 bucks ! Wohooooo !! Alah, at leat i can buy things at here than there. Heehe. Okay , i only sleep for only 2 hours. I wanna sleep people. Ciao !