Friday, July 10, 2009

The guy with a KILLER SMILE

Today school was fun. All day spent inside computer room. Hmm , starting with MT lesson. Was an 'okay' lesson. Did some oral revision. One by one read some article that was given. Then ESB lesson. Went to Computer room 1 and continue with our Assignment. Easy but not that easy. Then after 2 period of that, it is Home Period lesson. And today lesson was very sad and some tears roll down their cheek. Even me , lol. Well , Mr S showed us this one video about MJ daughter. Which she gave a speech that touched the world including the 160 countries that have watched 'MJ Memorial'. Most girls cried after that 25sec video. And Mr S gave some speech to us. Saying that this girl named Paris was a beautiful girl with beautiful and strong heart. Some people are fortunate that both of their parent are still alive. And yet , we didn't even appereciate most of the things. And lastly , Mr S asked everyone in the class to hug-ed each other. And we laughed as all of us hug-ed each other. Mr S added that , for these 3 months that left before we split to ourselves. We have to cope with whats coming. Soon bell rang.

And we went to recess . Next CPA. Boring so we skiped. After school , i and GF went to Bugis and Peni cause i wanted to bought something from there . As we went there. We saw two hunks. Frank and Rifdi . I could not see Frank that much since im concentrating with another guy who was so attractive. Haaha , no lah . I only saw Rifdi. And guess what Rifdi's Fans , he wore a sleevesless shirt . You guys should see that . Yeah yeah , i admit larh he hot . But not as handsome as the guy (pointing to the picture above) . Haaa . Well , then we walked walked around bugis and had LATE lunched at KFC . Very kecoh because of the joke of 'Bulu Hidung' *inside joke* . Now im too tired and bored . Tmr daddy birthday !!!!! I bought for him a brown polo shirt while im at Bugis . Hope he fit nicely. Okay CIAO ! :)