Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have the mood to update. Just a K.I.S.S story about today. Well , as you guys know that people or reporter were busy investigating about MJ death. And even starts to talked about his spirit wondering in Neverland Ranch. Like come on people , he just died about a week ago ? And here you people talking about his ghost and stuff. Like you said , RIP MJ . But he would'nt Rest In Peace if these people keep investigating about his death and search here and there. Yeah , maybe its a correct way to know what REALLY happend. But doing all these ghost stuff , so that you make money. -_-" Maybe MJ just need a rest after so much hard work. Well , the strong 11-year-old,Paris, who missed her father. And what she said at the "MJ Memorial" make me cried like waterfall. Hmm well ,

Im just saying that ,


And here's another inspiring reality show. Which teens may watch. One is "Beauty & The Geek" and "The Biggest Loser". Both show are my top 5 favourite show. Especially for both show before and after look. And this one guy that really makes my goosebump pop out. LOL. His name, Erik. He have Diabetes and after those tough time, he was free from Diabeter. Really an inspiration for those people who easily lose hope. And for the Geek show , every guy even he's the Nerd-est guy you ever seen , he have the incredible look inside. Like seriously , even some geeks make me steam . Haaha . Okay , time 10.41pm and im dead tired. I don't know if tmr plan is still on . Well , looking forward for tmr , why ? Last day . urgh !