Friday, July 17, 2009


Okay people . I'hv been busy with studies and yes , yeaterday was a great day for me . Alah , all day best lah. And also , today was a CRAZY day for me. My peeps make me so wild that i got crazy over some jokes. Especially on Science period. Well , today i got my 10 years series for both Maths and Science. I hope it helps me. And i msg Hakeem to meet me after school. Since he's not free today. I went to Vista Point with GF to have our early lunch. And went back home straight after that. Okayy for school ,Math lesson for today was great. Topic was Linear Graph , and WOHOO i like that chapter. As i tell you, Science lesson was very the Kecohrable. I , Acit , Jannah etc. need to give out the 10 years series when Acit start making joke at the corner saying bad thing about someone. And all started to laughed like hell. I told Linda and as usual , she make me do even more joke infront of her and Liyana. Okayy , im done for now. See you next time ! :]