Friday, July 31, 2009

LaLaLahh .. Testing .. can or not ahh ?

Okayy. lets recap from wednesday.(kimek jauh siol!) Basically, i,my cousin yana and few other guys went to Si Ling Sec to have our MT oral. And yessssssss, my guess was correct. The scool was so (insertwordhere). I can explain it with Scary, Horrible, Abandon. And im great to be a WRSS student. As we went inside, kimek, mate pompan kat sane mintak kene cocok sak. I know lah that im preety. But i get sick and tired of people looking at me. LOL. With their 45 degree eyebrowns.-.- So after oral, meet the RSHA at the coffee shop near the school to have our lunch together-gather. Then blah-blah-blah , all went home.

Thursday, finished at 10. After our MT listening, and all went well. After that, idk what i do. Then i sleep. =D

Friday, which is today, finished at 10. GF went to my crib to sleepover. No larh. LOL. We do campfire. No larh. LOL. Just to chillax and go to sleep. After waking up, i get ready to go out with her. Went to civic, saw Hinz who didn't came to school today for our CPA Prac. Dayummnnn easy. Skali dpt tawu fail *inside joke* Then blah-blah-blah. Went shopping. Went to Mini Toons to get my brother dustbin. Random. And a guy trying to flirt. Pfft , guys nowadays. Lucky he's a chinese guy :) If that pimple guy again. Wahh sian. LOL. Then went to Mac to have our lunch. And this one guy who i though got no teeth, skali ade gigi larh dier. Hahahaha ! *inside joke* Today i laughed alot. Wonder why. My mummy always say, "Ketawe banyak-banyak, mesti nak nangis!" For chinese, pandai-pnadai larh kau translate ehk. GTG. My butt ask to go toilet. BYE !